December 18 computer assignment

Good morning boys and girls!   If you have made it this far, please do the following with a 0 to 1 voice: xtramath Dance Mat Choose another keyboarding game here. Touch typing is an excellent thing to practice at home.    When it’s time to go, remember to: log off your computer (do not touch […]

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December 15 week at a peek

Dear students and families,   It was nice to see many of you enjoying our school’s winter carnival on Thursday.  It is hard to believe that we are in the final week before winter break!   Class goals for this week include: keep our focus all students up to date with assignments before the end […]

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December 8 week at a peek

Dear students and families,   Our grade 3s enjoyed a fun and informative historical trip to the Western Development Museum on Monday morning while our grade 4s enjoyed being guests around our school.  Congratulations grade 4 on receiving compliments from teachers you visited Monday morning!    It looks like we will have a broad range […]

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December 1 week at a peek

Dear students and families,   As we enter the three school weeks of December, despite the cold and festive season, academics are still our focus.    It was very nice to meet with many of you at our three-way conferences on Thursday.  Even though you may have spoken with me many times, attending a three-way […]

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November 24 week at a peek

Dear students and families,   I hope everyone has had an opportunity to enjoy our amazing Saskatchewan weather this weekend.  We went from spring-like conditions and rain on Friday to a good foot of white snow and really nice outdoor conditions if you are dressed for it.    Snow Etiquette at School The Hill and […]

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