October 23 computer assignment

Good morning boys and girls! If you have made it to here – these are your instructions: Grade 4 Click here to complete the “Tell Them From Me” survey. This survey should take the entire class.  If you finish early, explore some of the games links at the bottom of this page. Grade 3 Log […]

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October 20 week at a peek

Dear students and families,   I hope you were able to enjoy some of our beautiful fall weather this weekend!   This week culminated in a school fundraiser pizza lunch on Friday.  A big thanks to our home and school association for organizing this event!   Language arts update Students have had time over the past three weeks […]

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Homework update

I have asked students to take home outstanding corrections from the first two spelling lessons and to complete all work and corrections for the handwriting clock climber letters (letter i was assigned today, also, and should be complete). Students with outstanding assignments were asked to take them home today to complete them. I have just […]

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October 14 week at a peek

Dear students and families,  For an exit pass on Friday, in the spirit of Monday’s holiday, I asked students to share with me something for which they are grateful.  Thank you for sharing boys and girls.  I was happy to see how easy that task was for you!   Now it’s my turn – I […]

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October 6 week at a peek

Dear students and families,   Welcome to a short but action filled week!  Congratulations to all students for continued success with remembering to bring all needed materials into the classroom at the start of day.   As temperatures continue to drop, we will focus on putting on sweaters and jackets before going outside.   Information […]

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