May 29 week at a peek

Dear students and families,

We had an excellent excursion to Batoche on Tuesday!  I look forward to seeing students pull their knowledge together from class and our field trip in their 5 paragraph blog posts.

Much is happening in our classroom!  Highlights this week include:

  • end of grade 4 math test
  • class swim trip Wednesday p.m.
  • storyboard projects of First Nations and Métis leaders (today’s Saskatchewan area)
  • essential learning skills for grade 5

Spelling this Week

This week’s assignments are due Thursday with tests on Thursday also.  Students will have class time on Tuesday and a small amount of time on Wednesday to complete their spelling assignments.  Here is a preview for those of you who like to prepare early!

Here’s a look at week 37 . . .


  • S19 math fact quiz
  • bring 50¢ for swim locker
  • swim trip notes home


  • S20 math fact quiz
  • bring 50¢ for swim locker
  • writer’s workshop a.m. – reflecting on Batoche (5 paragraph compositions)
  • final “turn off the timer” math fact home practice book goes home


  • AS1 math fact quiz
  • library exchange a.m. (last exchange this year – books due back June 7)
  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • swim trip p.m.


  • MD1 math fact quiz
  • phys. ed. p.m.
  • spelling assignments due and tests


  • MD2 math fact quiz
  • W2 p.m.
  • rewards p.m.?

What are you looking forward to at school this week?

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May 29 week at a peek
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