Farewell and Happy Holidays!

Dear students and families,

Once again, this year has gone by so incredibly quickly for me!  I would like to thank students and families for being so kind, welcoming and supportive of the activities we did this year.  As I look back, we had a year full of major projects that students fully embraced.  Here are just a few:

  • daily math fact home practice
  • care partner activities
  • creating Christmas concert backdrop
  • Christmas concert performed at College Park School
  • student blogging
  • 2 class potluck celebrations
  • most fundraising for “Jump Rope for Heart”
  • fall threshing, Agriculture in the Classroom, Batoche and swimming trips
  • handwriting
Thank you to those of you who gave me beautiful gifts and cards during our last week together – although gifts are not necessary, your thoughtfulness is appreciated.  Thank you!
This habitat works together!

The best gift of all was giving me the honour and privilege of working with each and every one of the students in this amazing group this year.  You are an incredible group of young people with the biggest hearts.  I have marvelled in the ways you positively encourage each other and the enthusiasm, spunk and spirit you show.  Each and every one of you is now ready to take on the challenges of grade 5.  I can’t wait to see where your life’s journey will take you!  For those of you leaving us, I wish you all the best in your new school and community.

Thank you, again!

If you feel like doing school work over the summer, here are some ideas to get you back or keep you in the swing of things . . .


Get your keyboarding skills up by working on keyboarding activities at home so you can navigate the keyboard with greater speed in grade 5!

Just read

Be sure to keep up with your reading this summer.  Visit one of the public libraries and join a summer reading program.


  • Improve your math facts by doing Xtramath.
  • Students may wish to work through “Math Raft” over the summer.  This program is in line with grade four math outcomes in Alberta.  “Math Raft” is a fun way to keep your math skills up on a rainy day over the summer.
  • We worked with “Math Live 5” during our fraction and decimal units.  Explore “Math Live 5” over the summer to help with readiness for grade five math.
  • See the many links on the “Learning Links” page for more areas to explore.

Have fun!

Finally, remember to play and have fun!

Thank you, again, class for making this a great year!  Have a wonderful summer and all the best in grade five!
Lots of love,
Ms B.     🙂

What are your favourite grade 4 memories?

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Farewell and Happy Holidays!
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