November 20 week at a peek

Dear students and families,

November 16 marks 132 years from the day that Louis Riel was hanged for high treason for his participation in the Northwest Resistance.

  • The class was able to enjoy a grade 4-6 presentation by Donny Parenteau on Thursday afternoon.
  • As well, our class, with the guidance of Miss Hall, produced art work and provided the voices for the video that was shown to all classes in the school.  Class, you can be very proud of your work!

    As we head into another short week, I hope everyone was able to enjoy the weekend (despite our Riders falling to the Argos in the Eastern final . . . 😥 ).

3-Way Conferences and Report Cards

Report cards go home with students at the end of the day Monday.  Please return the envelope to school with a parent signature so we can re-use the envelope for the next reporting period.

3-way conferences are November 23 and 24.  Thank you to those of you who have booked a conference already.

  • Please refer to the October 30 post on information about booking 3-way conferences if you have not already done so.
  • Three-way conferences are an important part of making this school year great for every student.

Program Summaries for Term 1

Please continue to follow the class blog for updates about programming in the subjects I teach.  Please see program summaries for Mrs. Fulton’s and Ms. Hall’s classes here as well as on an insert in your child’s report envelope.  Mrs. Mckenzie’s band summary will go home with the report cards.

Science with Mrs. Fulton

Students analyzed reasons for maintaining a healthy human body and demonstrated their understanding of the structure and function of a human body system through a research project, class presentation, and human skeleton model creation. We also had class discussion about First Nation’s perspectives on health as well as western medicine perspectives.  We analyzed Canada’s Food Guide, tracked personal health routines, and completed our human body knowledge by doing group research projects on one of the human body systems and learning from classmates about the other systems through presentations and handouts. They also included research to compare the human body system to the system of a different vertebrate.  Next, the grade 5/6’s will be looking at how all of the human body systems cohesively work together and then we will move on to more work about vertebrates and invertebrates as well as the other kingdoms.

Arts ed. with Ms. Hall

Our main goal for this term was to create a community of artist through the exploration of various visual art tools and materials. The main outcome that we addressed outlined the importance of using a variety of visual art tools to create a work of art. Through this, we honoured the journey of the Metis peoples and Louis Riel through comic strips outlining the journey of his peoples. Students engaged in learning about different graphic design styles that supported a successful comic strip such as close ups and speech bubbles. Students engaged in the use of charcoal and graphite to create their pieces. We discussed the power of retelling Louis Riel’s story and the significance this has for Metis peoples.

Arts Ed Message from Miss Hall

A New Unit: Visual Arts

We are super excited to begin our new unit in Visual Arts! Each student will be making an Altered book. I have asked the students to embark on a journey to find an old book (preferably with a hardcover) to use as their sculptural base. If your child could bring an old book for Dec 1st class that would be perfect.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email.   

Thank you in advance for supporting your child’s learning!

Warm Regards, 

Ms. Hall

Biography Projects

  • Students who are interviewing a hero – projects are past due – please finish up quickly without sacrificing quality.  Once I approve your rough draft, you will receive your “good copy” to complete.
  • I hope to see biography interview projects wrapped up by the end of this week.
  • Monday, we will have a book referencing lesson and look forward to deadlines for book biographies.
  • The web referencing lesson will be last.  Not only must students reference web information but use critical thinking to evaluate whether the web information is valid.

Math Updates

Grade 6

  • We begin Unit 2:  Number Relationships (factors, prime factors, composite numbers, greatest common factors, multiples, least common multiples).
  • Please see this student self-assessment outline for an overview of the unit:  6 Unit 2 – Number Relationships self-assessment
  • There are a few grade 6s who have not yet returned a signed copy of the first quiz (Place Value:  Whole Numbers).  Please get them back.  Once returned, they will be sent home forever (happy face stamp and date stamp).
  • The second quiz (Place Value: <1) will be sent home for signing on Monday.  Please return with a parent signature so I know a parent has seen the quiz.  Then, the pattern will repeat and quizzes will be sent home forever.

Grade 5

  • Thank you for returning parent signed Unit 1 quizzes – they will be sent home forever.
  • We need to complete the expanded form part of our Place Value Whole Number unit and then will have a quiz – most likely the end of this week or the beginning of the next.


  • We work on lesson 5 on Tuesday and Wednesday with the spelling tests and assignments due on Thursday.

Here are this week’s spelling lists:

Here’s a look at week 13 . . .


  • Addan is our first V.I.P. of the week!
  • Homework due:  grade 5 math, biography interview projects, signed grade 6 math quizzes due back
  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • band a.m.
  • library p.m. – biography book source lesson with Mrs. Basky
  • Report cards home today


  • band sectionals P1 (clarinets first, flutes second)


  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • band a.m.


  • band a.m.
  • biography interview projects done?
  • care partners p.m.   😀
  • Addan’s V.I.P. materials go home today; Skylar’s needs to be ready to go for Monday.
  • 3-way conferences begin 4:00 p.m.


  • no classes for students
  • 3-way conferences a.m.
  • staff planning p.m.

What are your favourite activities at school this week?

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November 20 week at a peek
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