January 15 week at a peek

Dear students and families,

Our class can be proud of how well they handled a long week of indoor recesses.  If our weather forecast is correct, we should be back outdoors by Monday.  Much warmer temperatures are forecast for the rest of the week.   🙂

In preparation for student blogging, our focus this week was digital citizenship and cyber safety.  Can you explain to your family what YAPPY means?  Please remember to return the blog permission forms sent home on Thursday.  Once all the forms are in, I will be able to create student blogs.  The sooner all the forms are in – the sooner we can begin!   🙂

A big thank you to Mrs. Fulton and Ms. Bishop-Yong for coordinating the Tornado Hunter presentation on Thursday.  Our class was able to have some extra Q and A time with tornado hunter, Chris Chittick.  We also had the special privilege to go outside and meet Flash, the truck.

Here are some photos of last week’s “Twister” adventures.  😀 :

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V.I.P. of the Week

We look forward to Shazmeen taking the V.I.P. spot this week.  Here is the up-to-date revised schedule.

Date  Student  Date Student  Date  Student  Date  Student
Jan. 15  Shazmeen  Jan. 22 Kieran 
 Jan. 29 Avery  Feb. 5  Junaid   Feb. 12 Abbas Feb. 26  Lala
Mar. 5  Ibraheem Mar. 13  Emily Mar. 19  Ethan   Mar. 26  Camden 
Apr. 9 Ray Apr. 16 Tayyab Apr. 24 Mohamad Apr. 30 Abdurrehman
May 7 Manvir May 14 Taazveer May 28 Allen June 4 Bree
June 11 Brooks  June 18 Julissa 

Giant Canada Map!

Thank you to Kevin Waugh and Ms. Bishop-Yong for giving us the opportunity to learn with the giant Canada map on Tuesday during period 6.  Watch this news video for more information about the map:

Follow this link for tutorials and interactive Canadian map activities to do in preparation for our work with the giant map.  Have fun!   😀

Altered Books Art Show January 22-26

Please stop by to see the grade 5/6 “Altered Books Art Show” on display in the cultural room from January 22 – 26.  Here is a message from Ms. Hall:

Dear Caregivers, 

In Visual Art, the students have created Altered Books to represent their identity. We are opening a gallery to view this work on Monday Jan 22nd and we wanted to extend the invitation to you!

If you are in the building during the week of Jan 22nd-26th please stop by the Cultural Room (which is located on the second floor near the Art Room) to view our hard work!

Hope to see you there!


Ms. Hall & Grade 5/6 Students 

Grade 5 Math Update

Grade 5s have just completed the addition and subtraction of decimal numbers unit.  We begin the multiplication unit this week.

By the end of grade 5, students are expected to recall multiplication facts to a product of 81 and recall the corresponding division facts as stated in the Saskatchewan Curriculum in outcome N5.2:

Analyze models of, develop strategies for, and carry out multiplication of whole numbers.
(a)  Describe mental mathematics strategies used to determine multiplication facts to 81 (e.g., skip counting from a known fact, doubling, halving, 9s patterns, repeated doubling, or repeated halving).
(c)  Recall multiplication facts to 81 including within problem solving and calculations of larger products.

My experience as a teacher has taught me that an ability to recall basic facts in 2-3 seconds combined with an understanding of the relationships between the 4 operations and strategies for each are critical for future success in middle years and high school mathematics.

For the upcoming multiplication unit, I will assess student automaticity with multiplication facts.  We will explore multiplication strategies through daily “Number Talks.”  Written assignments will reinforce student explorations.  Students with basic fact recall of  greater than 2-3 seconds per fact would do well to devote 10 minutes per night to review the multiplication facts. 

I am passionate about mathematical foundations – particularly at the grade 3, 4 and 5 levels.  A few years ago, I was part of a team that received a grant for an action research project that continues to drive my teaching methodologies.  If interested, you can read more about our project and our findings here:  


  • We work on our eleventh spelling lesson on Tuesday and Wednesday with the spelling tests and assignments due on Thursday.
  • Students can expect to get caught up on corrections and complete the new lessons this week.

Here are this week’s spelling lists:

Here’s a look at week 18 . . .


  • blog permission notes due
  • Shazmeen V.I.P. of the week
  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • band a.m.
  • library exchange p.m.


  • coupon redemption day
  • giant Canada map activity P6


  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • P2 – gr. 4/5 multiplication number talk
  • band a.m.


  • Ms B. away; Ms Taman here  😀
  • coupon redemption day
  • band a.m.
  • spelling tests and assignments due


  • Ms B. away; Ms Taman here  😀
  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • Kieran’s V.I.P. of the week materials may go up today or Monday

What are you looking forward to in student blogging?

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January 15 week at a peek
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