January 23 Grade 6 Computer Assignment

~Sage~ via Compfight
Good afternoon class!

If you have made it this far, please do the following with a 0 to 1 (silent to spy talk) voice:

  1.  Math Live – review lesson on “Multiples, Factors, Primes and Composites”
  2. Spy Guys – “Factors, Multiples and Prime Factorization”
  3. Please only do these math games with ear buds (or mute the sound)!  You can do these at home, too.   🙂

Choose from any of these “number relations” math games.  They will refresh your multiplication knowledge and help you with our next math topic – factors.

4.  Create a personal avatar to be used on your blog.  Go to my Learning Links page.

When it’s time to go, remember to:

  1. Close any open windows on your computer.
  2. Log off your computer.
  3. Put your computer to sleep.
  4. Close the cover on the laptop and carry it to the cart.
  5. Plug in your computer for charging.
  6. The class IT/Techy person will check that all computers are in the correct place and all cords are plugged in.
Have fun!   🙂
Ms B.
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January 23 Grade 6 Computer Assignment
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