February 26 week at a peek

Dear students and families,

I hope everyone was able to enjoy our February break.  Over the next few weeks, we have many assemblies, events and warmer weather to look forward to as we enter March!  We are crossing our fingers to have snow until the middle of March for our cross-country ski trip.

A reminder to students who have volunteered to bring something to share at our proposed class lunch on Wednesday – I need a confirmation note or email of what you are bringing from a parent by Tuesday morning.  Otherwise we will have to cancel the event.  

On Thursday before the break, we enjoyed a little care partner Olympics.  Here is a video of some of the events:

V.I.P. of the Week

We look forward to Lala taking the V.I.P. spot this week.  Here is the up-to-date revised schedule.

Date  Student  Date Student  Date  Student  Date  Student
  Feb. 26  Lala
Mar. 5  Ibraheem Mar. 13  Emily Mar. 19  Ethan   Mar. 26  Camden 
Apr. 9 Ray Apr. 16 Tayyab Apr. 24 Mohamad Apr. 30 Abdurrehman
May 7 Manvir May 14 Taazveer May 28 Allen June 4 Bree
June 11 Caroline  June 18 Julissa 


  • We work on our sixteenth spelling lesson on Tuesday and Wednesday with the spelling tests and assignments due on Thursday.

Here are this week’s spelling lists:

Here’s a look at week 23 . . .


  • Lala V.I.P. of the week!
  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • band a.m.
  • library p.m.


  • coupon redemption day
  • need confirmation from parents/caregivers about food being brought for class lunch by morning (otherwise we will have to cancel the event)


  • “Blues in the School” assembly 9:00 a.m. (no phys. ed. today because of assembly)
  • band a.m.
  • class lunch 11:30 – 12:30 (depends on receiving confirmations by Tuesday)
  • art club (3:40 – 5:00 p.m.)


  • Book & Bagel (7:45 – 8:45) – students must be accompanied by a parent
  • coupon redemption day
  • band a.m.
  • spelling tests and assignments due
  • grade 6 math quiz (factors, prime and composite numbers, multiples, GCF, LCM)


  • Rush lacrosse assembly (9:45 – 10:45 a.m.) – wear Rush colours
  • international Dr. Seuss day
  • Ibraheem’s V.I.P. of the week materials may go up today or Monday

What were your favourite activities this week?

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February 26 week at a peek
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