May 7 week at a peek

Dear students and families,

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather this weekend!  It is so exciting to see the leaves budding and the grass turning green.  The weather change is always a sign that we are very busy with our final preparations for becoming grade 6 and 7 students next year!


          • The grade 5/6 class can be very proud of their tremendous dance presentation on April 25!  Thank you to Ms Hall for all her guidance and work with the 2 classes.
          • We enjoyed our visit to the Remai Art Gallery on April 27 where we learned about Pablo Picasso and made beautiful prints!  This visit gave everyone a taste of the gallery.  Hopefully your child will have an opportunity in the future to explore the gallery more fully with family.
          • The video below includes scenes from our dance rehearsal on the day of the performance and our trip to the Remai Gallery.

           Curriculum updates

            • grade 5:  focus on Canadian resources and industry in social studies; moving from fractions to decimals in math
            • grade 6If you do not have a protractor, please get one – they are $1 at Dollarama (see picture below).
              protractor from Dollarama – $1

              Themed work in math, language arts, social studies, art and health/career ed. continues; degrees/angles/scale/ratio in math; time management/planning in career ed./health; representing math poster in language arts; map skills in social studies/math

            • health/career ed.:  we continue to work on executive functioning skills in both grade 5 and grade 6
            • Morning Girl:  Our novel study continues to be a cross-curricular study that touches on outcomes from language arts, social studies, health, career ed. and arts ed.  In the language arts area, students have shown great progress with recognizing literary devices (personification, metaphor and simile), making inferences and the elements of a story/novel (plot, character and setting).  In social studies, perspective continues to be a theme in this novel.

          Class Movie

          On the afternoon of Friday, May 11, our class will watch the movie, Shiloh.  We have worked through this award winning novel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor this year.  This book’s themes include core human values:  truth, decision making and right and wrong.

            • Students are welcome to bring personal snacks (example:  pop, chips, carrot sticks).
            • If students bring larger snacks (greater than a personal portion), it is expected they will share with the class or with a select group of friends; if students bring a personal-sized snack, sharing is not expected.
            • Students may also wish to bring a sleeping bag, pillow or stuffy for comfort while viewing.  These items can be stored in the classroom on Friday and must go home by the end of the day.
            • Comfort clothing (example:  PJs) are fine to wear.  If you are planning to wear PJs, please change into them after lunch.
            • Parents, because the movie is rated PG, please let me know if you do not want your child to see the movie.  If I do not hear from you, I assume that you approve of your child watching this movie.
            • See the trailer for the movie below.

          V.I.P. of the Week

          Thank you to Manvir for taking the V.I.P. spot this week.  Here is the up-to-date revised schedule.

          Date  Student  Date Student  Date  Student  Date  Student
          May 7 Manvir May 14 Taazveer May 28 Allen June 4 Bree
          June 11 Caroline, Amani and Brian (late joiners to classroom – presentation of “star of the week” only)  June 18 Julissa 


          • We work on our twenty-third spelling lesson on Tuesday and Wednesday with the spelling tests and assignments due on Thursday.

          Here are this week’s spelling lists:

          Here’s a look at week 32 . . .


          • phys. ed. a.m.
          • band a.m.
          • library p.m.


          • spelling work day


          • phys. ed. a.m.
          • band a.m.
          • grade 5 band letters go home
          • grade 6 YA book talk with Mrs. Basky (3:00 p.m.)


          • spelling tests and assignments due
          • band a.m.


          • phys. ed. a.m. – please dress safely and comfortably for wrestling activity – hair up, no jewelry, suitable wardrobe, sock feet
          • afternoon class movie (welcome to bring snacks and comfort items); all leftover snacks and accessories go home today

          What is your favourite activity this week?

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May 7 week at a peek
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