May 21 week at a peek

Dear students and families,

I hope everyone continues to enjoy a beautiful long weekend.  I look forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday.

Our class gift of art keeps giving . . .

framed student art sold at King George Community School’s art show

King George Community School held an art gala on Thursday evening.  Many beautiful artworks created by students were sold.  Class, continue to be proud about your willingness to help kids like you in their art club.


Grade 6 Swim/Library reminders for Wednesday

Please bring your best manners and attitude.  We will not be using the vending machines or personal electronic devices while at the facility.  We will have a grade 6-8 meeting on Tuesday afternoon.  Please bring any questions you have with you at that time.   🙂

Swimmer checklist

  • 50¢ to Ms B. for swim token Tuesday or Wednesday morning
  • may share locker with friend
  • swim suit, towel, plastic bag for wet items, optional accessories (goggles, nose plugs, ear plugs)
  • please do not bring money, electronics, precious items

Library checklist

  • library card (if you have one)
  • board game (to play with friends)
  • please do not bring money, electronics, precious items

Grade 6 math update

Students will have a unit test on angles at the end of this week (Friday) or the beginning of the next week.  Students need to show abilities with these skills and concepts:

  • skills:  marking, naming (∠ABC), measuring angle degrees with a protractor and identifying the kind of angle (acute, right, obtuse)
  • understanding parallel lines
  • applying angle relationships in triangles and quadrilaterals (4-sided figures)

V.I.P. of the Week

There is no V.I.P assigned for this week.  Here is the up-to-date revised schedule.

Date   Student Date  Student
May 28 Allen June 4 Bree
June 11 Caroline, Amani and Brian (late joiners to classroom – presentation of “star of the week” only) June 18 Julissa


  • We work on our twenty-fifth spelling lesson on Tuesday and Wednesday with the spelling tests and assignments due on Thursday.

Here are this week’s spelling lists:

Here’s a look at week 34 . . .


  • no school – Victoria Day holiday


  • period 1 – extra band class – please remember your instruments
  • spelling work day
  • 50¢ swim locker token to Ms B. (for those grade 6s swimming on Wednesday)
  • grade 6-8 swim/library meeting


  • 50¢ swim locker token to Ms B. (for those grade 6s swimming in the afternoon)
  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • band a.m.
  • grade 6-8 swim/library trip (P5 & 6)
  • grade 5 to Mr. Wihak for Beaver Creek preparations (P5 & 6)


  • spelling tests and assignments due
  • band a.m.


  • Taco Time hot lunch
  • grade 6 math test (angles)?

What is your favourite activity this week?

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May 21 week at a peek
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