Welcome! September 17 Week at a Peek

Dear students and families,

Welcome to our class blog and the 2018-19 school year!  I hope your child has enjoyed the first few weeks of school and is as excited about coming back each day as I am!  I look forward to a very successful and positive grade 3 and 4 experience for all of us this year as we learn and grow together.

We look forward to sharing our learning and classroom news through the blog.  I have subscribed all parent emails of students in the class to receive an email notification every time a blog post is published.

The “Week at a Peek”

I do my best to publish a “week at a peek” before the start of each school week.

  • In the “week at a peek,” I summarize the highlights of the previous week and preview the week ahead.
  • The blog serves as an excellent starting point for parent/child conversations about learning at school.
  • Blog posts share the latest classroom “news.”
  • I send an email to parents with a link to the “Week at a Peek” at the start of each week.
  • We go over the “Week at a Peek” during our class morning meetings at the start of every week.
  • Your child will become a blog expert and will soon show you how to navigate the blog at home. 🙂

Classroom Focus

We continue to work on routines, procedures and class norms while I assess student abilities and needs to make meaningful plans for this school year.  Click on “Welcome to Success!” to read more about class routines and expectations.

A big thanks to Mrs. Reid and the very professional grade 8 facilitators who brought the Seed Survivor trailer to us last Thursday!  See us at the Seed Survivor trailer in this post’s featured video.  Happily, some of our seeds sprouted over the weekend!  Students will take them home before the end of this week.  😀

Here’s a look at week 3 . . .

Grade 4s to WDM on Tuesday, September 18

scene from threshing demonstration a few years ago

All grade 4s in our school will travel by bus to the WDM on the afternoon of September 18.  Please see the information note that went home with grade 4s on Friday.  We’re looking forward to a terrific afternoon!


  • phys. ed. (p.m.)


  • arts ed. (a.m.)
  • grade 4s to WDM (p.m.)/grade 3s stay at school
  • phys. ed. (p.m.)
  • Terry Fox assembly (p.m.)


  • library exchange (a.m.)


  • phys. ed. (p.m.)
  • marble rewards? (p.m.)
  • seeds home today 🙂


  • arts ed. (p.m.)

What are you looking forward to at school this year?

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Welcome! September 17 Week at a Peek
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