The Clumsy Giant

Once upon a time there was a strong giant named Brandon.  He was kind but sometimes misunderstood.

He trampled the village when he visited two or three times a month because he was 10 000 meters tall and he weighed ten tons.  He was also very clumsy.

The villagers were very angry and gathered their harpoons, pitchforks and machetes.  They met at the church and most of the villagers wanted to hunt him down.

However, one villager named Bobbie-Jo, said “Wait!  He might be a friendly giant.  Let’s offer him the church bell.  He can ring it every time he comes to visit and we can meet him by the yellow barn outside the village.  That way, he will no longer trample our village.”

The villagers agreed to try Bobbie-Jo’s plan.  The next time Brandon the giant came to the village, the villagers were waiting with the bell at the yellow barn.  They used Bobbie-Jo’s plan and it worked!  Everyone lived happily ever after.

We hope you enjoyed this story that our class made up together today!

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The Clumsy Giant

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