November 12 Week at a Peek

Dear students and families,

Students can be very proud of their part in our Remembrance Service on Thursday.  Speakers, poppy money carriers and audience members conducted themselves with thoughtfulness and respect.  Remembrance work packages went home with students to stay on Thursday.

Students enjoyed learning how to add widgets to their blogs on Tuesday.  Quite a few virtual pets were adopted.  Everyone can be very proud of their progress!   😀

Trip to Cosmo Industries

We are looking forward to our tour of Cosmo Industries Recycling Education Centre on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 14.

  • The bus leaves the school at 12:35 p.m. and returns in time for dismissal.
  • Do contact me with any questions or concerns.  🙂

Math Update

Number Talks/Math Facts

one of this week’s number talks encouraging the “adding up” subtraction strategy

Students, please share with your families what you know about the big ideas we have studied for the past few weeks:

  • focus – subtraction
  • strategy – “adding up”
  • tools – fact family triangle, number line

Math Class

  • Completed student work (place value and addition problem solving) will go home this week.
  • Next, students will work on an addition and subtraction unit that includes paper and pencil algorithms and regrouping; grade 3 and 4 will have different work packages for this unit.


Buff and white lessons 1-6 work packages and unit tests will be sent home when all work is complete.  Look for a sticker and date stamp to show that it can stay home forever. 😀

Here are lists of this week’s words for those of you who like to prepare early.

Here’s a look at week 11 . . .


  • No School – Remembrance Day holiday


  • spring roll fundraisers due (for those participating)
  • S8 math fact quiz
  • printing letter of the day – Tt
  • arts ed. a.m.
  • computers a.m.
  • phys. ed. p.m.


  • S9 math fact quiz
  • Cosmo Industries recycling trip p.m. 😀


  • -4 to -7 whiz quiz (we missed this on November 8 😥 )
  • spelling assignments due and spelling tests
  • printing letter of the day – Uu
  • library exchange a.m.
  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • marble rewards p.m.?


  • S10 math fact quiz
  • printing letter of the day – Vv

What are you looking forward to this week at school?

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November 12 Week at a Peek
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