January 14 Week at a Peek

Dear students and families,

Students can be very proud of the kindness, responsibility, independence and hard work they have shown this first week back after a long break.  Keep up the great work, everyone! 🙂

Students really enjoyed having an extra phys. ed. period where high school students taught us how to play “Blastball.”  Thank you Mr. MacIntosh for bringing this opportunity to us! 🙂  Here are some pictures from this event:

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We Need Pencils!

  • At the rate we use pencils, we have enough for about another 1-2 weeks of school.
  • Each student was asked to please bring 1-2 packages of pencils each to school as soon as possible.

Planners and Math Facts

  • New multiplication home practice books went home with students on Friday:  grade 3 (white) and grade 4 (buff).
  • Math fact practice record pages did not go home with students on Friday – I hope to have them ready early next week.
  • Students have a new yellow planner notebook in their planner duotang.  Students will ask parents to sign their notebook planner where they wrote “sign here” for practicing A18 (addition review) this weekend.
  • In multiplication, grade 4s will have 1 whiz quiz a week and work from 0 and 1 times tables up to 10 times tables.
  • The grade 3s will have 1 whiz quiz every 2 weeks and work from 0 and 1 times tables up to 5 times tables.
  • Please have your child practice the math facts in the way that is most effective for his/her learning style (aloud, written, etc.).  The timer is effective only if the student knows the facts well and wants to increase speed.  Practicing all 60 math facts the night before a scheduled in-class quiz is beneficial.
  • A targeted speed for recalling a multiplication fact for a grade 4 student would be 2-3 second recall per fact (40 in 2 minutes); for a grade 3 student, a 3-4 second recall per fact (30 in 2 minutes) is a suitable goal.
  • Students can always improve their math fact accuracy, understanding and recall speed.  Success is best measured with personal improvement.
  • Please contact me with any questions or concerns about math fact home practice and student progress or challenges.
  • Student enjoyment of math facts and feeling successful is very important at this stage of learning.


We are studying light in science now.  Some language you may hear at home include:  reflect, refract, absorb, transparent, translucent, opaque.

We are excited about working with Mrs. Reid’s grade 8s this week on this topic!

Here are some Bill Nye videos that are worth watching again at home:

Spelling this Week

Students started the new year with a clean slate of spelling (2018 corrections and incomplete assignments were forgiven).

This week’s assignments are due on Thursday with tests on Thursday also.  Here is a preview for those of you who like to prepare early:

Here’s a look at week 18 . . .


  • A18 math fact quiz (grade 3 and grade 4)
  • light science with grade 8 (9:30 a.m.)
  • phys. ed. p.m.


  • M1/3-M1 math fact quiz
  • art a.m.
  • computers a.m.
  • phys. ed. p.m.


  • M2/3-M2 math fact quiz
  • light science with grade 8 (9:30 a.m.)


  • M3/3-M3 math fact quiz
  • spelling assignments due/spelling tests
  • library a.m.; phys. ed. a.m.
  • marble rewards p.m.?


  • M4/3-M4 math fact quiz
  • art p.m.

What are you looking forward to this week at school?

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January 14 Week at a Peek
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