April 1 Week at a Peek

Dear students and families,

Congratulations students on another great week!  Highlights last week included:

  • “Dream Big” presentation (structures, engineering careers)
  • handwriting:  completed clock climbers (a, d, g, q, c), kite strings (i, u, w); we will continue to build skills and move forward with more kite string letters this week 🙂
  • math – introduction to fractions


  • number talks focus on division

    one of this week’s division number talks
  • multiplication math fact practice continues for another few weeks
  • math class focus is fractions: (less than a whole), numerator/denominator, proper/improper fractions, set/group, region/area
  • We have worked on paper and pencil addition and subtraction and multiplication reviews for the last few weeks – these will go home forever; students who did not finish this work are encouraged to continue at home with families; completed work is date stamped with clipped pages
  • Students spent several sessions in class with Math 3 Under the Sea and Math 4 Raft Race Challenge; students can work on these challenges anytime at home – they are fun and reinforce grade level math skills.  Please have headphones or earbuds at school – we will work on these again this week!   🙂

Language Arts

We continue to learn about grammar and writing better sentences.  We have been playing adjective and adverb charades to combine drama with our language arts work.  Here are some of the big ideas we are working on:

  • sentence – group of words with a subject (who or what) and action
  • words sorted into groups (parts of speech) according to job
  • parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb)

Star Lab

  • Star Lab is visiting our school this week!
  • We will have our opportunity for a session on Monday morning.
  • Since Star Lab will be in the small gym, students need to be ready for outdoor phys. ed. this week.  Please be sure to dress for outdoor activity this week.

Spelling this Week

This week’s spelling assignments are due Thursday with tests on Thursday also.  This week the blue group will have a review lesson.  Here is a preview for those of you who like to prepare early!  

Here’s a look at week 27 . . .


  • M37/3-M42 math facts
  • “Star Lab” a.m.
  • phys. ed. p.m.


  • x 10 gr. 4/x 5 gr. 5 whiz quiz math facts
  • arts ed. a.m.
  • computers a.m.
  • phys. ed. p.m.


  • M38/3-M math facts


  • M39/3-M44 math facts
  • library exchange/phys. ed. a.m.


  • M40/3-M45 math facts
  • arts ed. p.m.

What are you looking forward to this week at school?


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April 1 Week at a Peek
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