June 10 Week at a Peek

Dear students and parents,

Highlights of this past week included the City of Saskatoon bike safety morning on Wednesday and enjoying the Saskatchewan Express performance on Thursday.

We are planning the end of the year class lunch celebration for Tuesday, June 11.  Students whose birthdays fall in the second half of the school year (those who didn’t share for our 100 day celebration) have an opportunity to bring a dish on Tuesday.  Parents, please check your email for more details.

Enjoy the slide show below with this past week’s highlights:

Science and Drama Meet

Students are enjoying working with puppets in small groups and creating scripts and backdrops for mini-puppet shows to teach their classmates about a habitat.

Spelling this Week

This week’s spelling assignments are due Thursday with tests on Thursday also.  The buff and white groups will do a review lesson this week.  Here is a preview for those of you who like to prepare early!  

Here’s a look at week 37 . . .


  • D22/3-D25 math facts
  • hand in 2/3 library books
  • please confirm class lunch details (parent note, email or conversation)


  • ÷6/÷3 whiz quizzes
  • arts ed. a.m., phys. ed. p.m.
  • class lunch 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m., alternate class lunch recess, dessert in the afternoon 🙂


  • D23/3-D26 math facts
  • band concert


  • D24/3-D27 math facts
  • Pizza Hut hot lunch
  • library a.m. (only sign out 1 book)
  • phys. ed. a.m.
  • spelling assignments due/spelling tests
  • marble rewards?


  • D25/3-D28 math facts

What are you looking forward to this week at school?

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June 10 Week at a Peek

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