Our “4-letter word” project begins!

Dear students and families,

Welcome to our class blog and the 2019-20 school year!  I hope your child has enjoyed the first few weeks of school and is as excited about coming back each day as I am!  I look forward to a very successful and positive grade 3 and 4 experience for all of us this year as we learn and grow together.

We look forward to sharing our learning and classroom news through the blog.  I send a weekly email to parents with a link to the week’s preview.  To receive a notification for each and every blog post I publish, please click on the subscribe tab at the bottom of your screen.

The “Week at a Peek”

I do my best to publish a “week at a peek” before the start of each school week.

  • In the “week at a peek,” I summarize the highlights of the previous week and preview the week ahead.
  • The blog serves as an excellent starting point for parent/child conversations about learning at school.
  • Changes in our plans are noted in student planners that travel home and back daily.
  • Blog posts share the latest classroom “news.”
  • I send an email to parents with a link to the “Week at a Peek” at the start of each week.
  • We go over the “Week at a Peek” during our class morning meetings at the start of every week.
  • Your child will become a blog expert and will soon show you how to navigate the blog at home. 🙂

Classroom Focus

One of my favourite books to start the school year! We read “The Three Questions” and followed Nicolai’s quest on how to be a good person.

We continue to work on routines, procedures and class norms while I assess student abilities and needs to make meaningful plans for this school year.  Click on “Welcome to Success!” to read more about class routines and expectations.

Here’s a look at week 4 . . .


  • phys. ed. a.m. with Ms Fehr
  • grade 4 “Insight test” information note home today


  • library exchange a.m.
  • music p.m.


  • “Meet the Families” opportunity (7:45 – 8:30 a.m.) – classrooms open for students to introduce parents to their teachers
  • grade 4 “Insight” tests a.m.
  • fine arts with Mrs. Sansom p.m.


  • Terry Fox activities 1:00 p.m.; Terry Fox cancer research donations due today (every student who brings a toonie will be entered into a draw for a shirt)
  • marble rewards? p.m.


  • home and school Old Dutch chip fundraiser orders and money due today
  • phys. ed. a.m. with Mr. MacIntosh

What are you looking forward to at school this year?

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Welcome! September 23 Week at a Peek

2 thoughts on “Welcome! September 23 Week at a Peek

  • September 22, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    I love the class page – it will be wonderful to follow along on your learning!

    • September 23, 2019 at 11:08 am

      Dear Mme Haywood,

      Thank you for looking at our blog and commenting. We think the blog will be very good for learning, too!

      Ms B.’s grade 3/4 bloggers


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