Dear students and families,

I hope everyone has enjoyed a good weekend.  This week, we shift gears from Halloween and PJ day to the serious topic of Remembrance Day.

See the video below for highlights from the past week:

Remembrance Service

Remembrance Cross Laying on Poppies Defence Images via Compfight

  • We will spend time this week on the topics of “remembrance,” war and peace.
  • Our school Remembrance Service is at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 7.  Family members and friends are welcome to attend.
  • Recess will be right after the service on that day.
  • A student from our class will be selected to carry the class donations to the cenotaph during the service.
  • Students will write “Postcards for Peace” this week.  All student compositions in the school will be displayed in the gym.  Two students from our class will be selected to read their compositions during the Remembrance Service on Thursday.
  • 3 students selected for parts in the Remembrance service must be in attendance all day Wednesday and Thursday for rehearsals.
  • Poppies or poppy stickers will be given to students to wear to the Remembrance Service on Thursday morning before the service; please bring a donation for your poppy ($1 – $2 is reasonable) by Thursday morning (or sooner).
  • Click here to read about “The Poppy Trust Fund.”

Math Number Talks

Subtraction Focus

subtraction vocabulary
“adding up” subtraction strategy
  • This week, we will finish our intense work with addition and move into subtraction
  • The “adding up” subtraction strategy (very useful when giving someone money change) will be the subtraction strategy taught and encouraged first.

Math fact home practice

Students are doing an excellent job at recalling basic addition facts quickly.  We spend time every morning with exercises to help build speed and automaticity with addition facts.

Beginning the week of November 12, students will take home a subtraction math fact practice book.

  • The exercises in the math home practice book correspond with the timed quizzes that we will do daily in class.
  • I ask that students commit to practicing math facts every night in a way that is helpful to them.  For some students, this involves writing the answers down and for others it involves having a sibling, friend or parent call out the question with the student responding orally.
  • In the past, students have spent between 2-15 minutes practicing math facts at home 4-5 days a week.  Math facts are best practiced for short periods of time.  Practice should be enjoyable and is part of establishing a homework routine, mathematical confidence and a love of math at this grade level.  Please contact me if you and your child are not having an enjoyable math fact practice time at home.
  • Students will have a math fact record sheet in their yellow duotang planners.  I ask that they ask a parent to initial to show that they did some practice the night before.  In class, students will complete the school “quiz” the next day and record results on the same sheet in their yellow duotang planner.
  • I designed this program with another teacher a few years ago during an action research project.  To find out more about this philosophy and the research behind it, please see our final research report here:  Effect of Daily Math Home Practice and Number Talks on Automaticity of Basic Math Facts

Handwriting Update

exemplary work on the letter d done by one of the grade 3 students in class!

Students are working hard on the clock climbers.  We have completed the clock, lower case a and lower case d.  I hope to add lower case g this week.

Spelling this Week

This week, lesson 5 is new for all groups.  As of today, 6 students have completed all the first 4 spelling lesson assignments and corrections (Yippee!).  8 students have corrections just in lesson 4 (Great!  This won’t take long to finish!).

The rest of the students have corrections and unfinished work in 2 or more lessons (Oh, oh…).  5 students still have outstanding work in lessons 1 and 2 (Yikes!  These students are super behind with serious work to do).  I will ask these 5 students to come up with a plan for completion that may include recess, after school time and homework.

Spelling tests are on Thursday with assignments due on Thursday as well.  Here are this week’s lists for those of you who like to prepare early:

Here’s a look at week 9 . . .


  • phys. ed. with Ms Fehr a.m.


  • library a.m.
  • Ms B. away p.m.; Mrs. Spence here
  • music with Mrs. Beaudry p.m.


  • Remembrance service practice for those involved (2:15 p.m.)
  • arts ed. with Mrs. Sansom p.m.


  • spelling assignments due and tests
  • short phys. ed. period with Mr. MacIntosh p.m. – be ready for outdoor phys. ed.
  • Remembrance service practice a.m. for those involved; Remembrance service begins 1:30 p.m.
  • last day to bring money for the poppy fund
  • marble rewards p.m.?


  • no school for students; professional development for staff
  • Remembrance Day holiday Monday, November 11 (no school)
  • students return to school on Tuesday, November 12

What are you looking forward to this week at school?

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November 4 Week at a Peek
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