Dear students and families,

I hope everyone finds some time to enjoy the long weekend.  Thank you to all students who brought generous donations to the poppy fund this week.  As well, a compliment to students who represented themselves and our class well at our school Remembrance service on Thursday.

Here is a short video that highlights this week’s focus in class.  As well, see Mr. MacIntosh’s and Mrs. Beaudry’s program summaries below.

Physical Education Program Summary (T1) – Mr. MacIntosh

Grade 1-3:

In Term 1, we have been focusing on locomotor skills such as walking, running, and skipping, while being aware of personal space and the ability to avoid contact with other students during movement activities and skills.

The students have also worked on the skills of sending and receiving various objects, such as small balls, beanbags, frisbees, scoops and footballs.  Their goal has been to throw and catch with proper form and accuracy, on a consistent basis.

Grades 4-8:

In addition, we have also worked on striking skills, using their hands and feet in various soccer and volleyball skill activities. 

In Term 1, we have been working on locomotor skills related to fitness and conditioning, through a daily “workout of the day” (WOD), fitness beep test, various tag activities and games involving movement and stationary strength exercises.

Secondly, we have also focused on sending, receiving, and striking with hands and feet, using a variety of Phys. Ed. equipment.  For example, the students have practiced these skills in various games and activities related to football, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and volleyball, while focusing on proper form and technique when performing the various skills and movements.

In addition, the students have also learned to apply some of the game strategies and tactical skills involved in the aspects of the various sport related activities.

Music Program Summary (T1) – Mrs. Beaudry

This term in music the Grade 3/4 class has been working on rhythm, singing and working cooperatively in music class.  The students are able to correctly echo 4 – beat patterns clapping and singing back to the teacher with accurate pitch.  They have started working with the chimes and the boomwhackers and are working at playing in time with the group, following directions and using correct hand position.

We are just wrapping up our unit on drumming, where the students learned to play rhythms both as a group and independently.  They are able to echo 2 and 4-beat patterns, and are learning to play as a group with 2 contrasting rhythms. We are now moving on to the chimes and will be starting recorder in the upcoming months.

Math fact home practice

subtraction home practice book stays at home

Subtraction Home Practice books went home to stay on Wednesday (happily, they were printed sooner than I expected!).  Students are asked to spend 2-15 minutes each night practicing math facts.  To guide practice, we have a timed quiz each morning on the practice from the night before.

The home practice books include:

  • subtraction vocabulary
  • 2 copies of each subtraction fact worksheet
  • answers for each subtraction fact worksheet
  • a guide to subtraction number talk strategies that will be taught/encouraged in class.

I ask students to practice subtraction math facts in the way that suits their learning style.  Here are some options:

  • complete the worksheets with paper and pencil
  • set a timer – try to improve your past speed
  • look at the answer sheet, cover the answer, think of the answer and look at the answer
  • have someone else ask them the questions and answer out loud
  • another way that works for your learning style

Short bursts of practice are most effective (1-2 minutes at a time).  I recommend that students get into a practice routine – same place, same time every day.

Traditionally, subtraction is the operation that students find most difficult.  I hope this information will help you support your child’s math learning at school.  For subtraction, I will not have students and parents complete a practice log.  Students will complete a subtraction “weekly whiz quiz” that is not previewed in the student home practice books.

Handwriting Update

exemplary “g” handwriting exercise completed by a grade 4 student!

Students continue to show progress with the clock climbers.  We have completed the clock, lower case a and lower case d and g I hope to add lower case q this week.

Spelling this Week

This week, lesson 6 (review of lessons 1-5) is new for buff and white groups.  The green group will complete lessons 1-5R (review of lessons 1-5).

Our class work completion statistics are looking better this week!  As of today, 1 student has completed all the first 5 spelling lesson assignments and corrections (Yippee!).  15 students have corrections just in lesson 5 (Great!  This won’t take long to finish!).

7 students still have outstanding work in lessons 4 and 5 (These students should be able to get finished quickly.  They need to remember to ask for help when needed.).  The 2 students who have a bit more to finish will come up with a plan for completion (recess, after school or homework).

Spelling tests are on Thursday with assignments due on Thursday as well.  These review lists have more words but they are all taken from the first 5 lessons.  Here are this week’s lists for those of you who like to prepare early:

Here’s a look at week 10 . . .


  • Remembrance Day holiday – no school


  • S2 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • back to school!
  • no library today because of immunizations held in the library
  • Ms B. away p.m.; Mrs. Spence here
  • music with Mrs. Beaudry p.m.


  • S3 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • Pizza Hut hot lunch for those who pre-ordered
  • Ms B. away p.m.
  • arts ed. with Mrs. Sansom p.m.


  • S4 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • spelling assignments due and tests
  • phys. ed. period with Mr. MacIntosh p.m.
  • marble rewards p.m.?


  • S5 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • phys. ed. with Mr. MacIntosh a.m.

What are you looking forward to this week at school?

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November 11 Week at a Peek

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