Dear students and families,

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone was able to enjoy some time with family over our winter holiday.  Thank you to students and families who gave me gifts and cards before the break.  Although unnecessary, I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

During our last week of 2019, students took part in school spirit activities, made winter characters with care partners and watched the movie – Dolphin Tale 1.  All students who were in attendance during the last week of December are up to date with spelling corrections, handwriting and math fact booklets!  Way to go, class!  Students who were away will have to put in some extra work when they return (at school and at home) to get caught up.

I always look forward to coming back to school in January – a long uninterrupted month of learning!  By January, students understand routines and expectations and can focus on learning.  As well, teachers know the students and can best help them for ideal growth.  I am excited to see where this month takes us! 😀

Here are a few photos from the last week of December:

Math update

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  • Daily multiplication math facts:  Grade 4 will be tested on x4 math facts and grade 3 on x2 on Thursday.
  • Multiplication Number Talks: Up to this point, we have focused on word problems and the multiplication strategies repeated addition, skip counting and partial products.  Students have worked with arrays (items arranged in equal rows and columns) and are learning to use closed and open arrays with more advanced strategies like partial products.  We will continue to move forward with these multiplication tools and strategies in our number talks with a lesser focus on word problems and greater focus on exploring the numbers.  Pictures in this week’s slide show and in this post highlight student “number talk” work in the last week of December.
  • Math class: grade 3 completed addition paper and pencil algorithm, grade 4 completed addition and subtraction.  Grade 4’s need more work with subtraction paper and pencil algorithm and will join the grade 3s in the new year for some review as we start the new year.

Handwriting and Keyboarding

  • We hope to complete o and the kite string review before moving on to the “loop group” this week.  Book 1 handwriting will be sent home to stay when finished.
  • During the last week in December, students worked on EI in keyboarding.  Students who have finished EI will work on RU this week.  Students who were away would benefit from doing EI at home, if possible.  Links to “Dance Mat” exercises are in the right hand side bar of this blog.

Spelling this week

We will copy spelling into planners on Tuesday with tests on Thursday and assignments due on Thursday also.

Here’s a look at week 17 . . .


  • M11/3-M12 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • phys. ed. with Ms Fehr (a.m.)


  • M12/3-M14 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • library a.m.
  • music with Mrs. Beaudry (p.m.)
  • copy spelling into planners today


  • M13/3-M15 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • Subway lunch (for those who pre-ordered)
  • arts ed. with Mrs. Sansom (p.m.)


  • x4 (gr. 4)/x2 (gr. 3) whiz quiz (no practice sheets)
  • computers a.m. (RU keyboarding)
  • phys. ed. p.m.
  • spelling assignments due and spelling tests
  • marble rewards p.m.?


  • M14/3-M16 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • phys. ed. a.m.

What did you enjoy most during the break?

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January 6 Week at a Peek
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