Dear students and families,

Students can be very proud of the kindness, responsibility, independence and hard work they have shown this first week back after a long break.  Keep up the great work, everyone! 🙂

Our grade 3s will have an extra phys. ed. period with Mrs. Hutchison on Wednesday where high school students will teach them how to play “Blastball.”

Math Facts Home Practice

  • We plan to send new multiplication home practice books on Wednesday grade 3 (white) and grade 4 (buff).
  • A targeted speed for recalling a multiplication fact for a grade 4 student would be 2-3 second recall per fact (40 in 2 minutes); for a grade 3 student, a 3-4 second recall per fact (30 in 2 minutes) is a suitable goal.
  • Students can always improve their math fact accuracy, understanding and recall speed.  Success is best measured with personal improvement.
  • Please contact me with any questions or concerns about math fact home practice and student progress or challenges.
  • Student enjoyment of math facts and feeling successful is very important at this stage of learning.


Grade 3s are studying structures and Grade 4s are studying light in science now.  Some light language you may hear at home include:  reflect, refract, absorb, transparent, translucent and opaque.

Here are some Bill Nye light videos to watch at home if you wish:

Spelling this Week

This week’s assignments are due on Thursday with tests on Thursday also.  Here is a preview for those of you who like to prepare early.  All groups will start new unit books this week:

Here’s a look at week 18 . . .


  • M15/3-M17 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • phys. ed. a.m. with Ms Fehr


  • M16/3-M18 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • music p.m. with Mrs. Beaudry


  • M17/3-M19 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • arts ed. p.m. with Mrs. Sansom
  • grade 3 blast ball p.m.
  • book 2 multiplication practice books home today


  • x5 whiz quiz grade 4/3-M19 math fact quiz grade 3
  • spelling assignments due/spelling tests
  • keyboarding a.m. (TY)
  • phys. ed. p.m.
  • marble rewards p.m.?


  • M18/3-M21 math fact quiz
  • phys. ed. a.m. with Mr. MacIntosh

What are you looking forward to this week at school?

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January 13 Week at a Peek
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