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Dear students and families,

Students enjoyed mini-Olympic activities and a movie afternoon on Thursday.

Students are excited about our drama unit and the 4 mini-plays we are working on.  This drama unit develops reading abilities along with drama skills, demands group collaboration and problem solving skills and involves elements of grade 4 science as each group works on telling their group story with shadows.  I can’t wait to see what each group creates!  😀

Reminders for the week ahead

  • Class lists went home with students on Friday to help those who want to bring Valentine’s cards on Friday for classmates.  See last week’s blog post for Valentine’s Day guidelines for our class.
  • Please return subtraction math tests with parent signature.
  • We are almost out of pencils.  Each student has been asked to bring about 24 pencils by the end of the week (We have been very busy!).

Spelling this Week

This week’s assignments are due Thursday with tests on Thursday also.  Students will have class time on Wednesday to complete their assignments.  Here are the spelling lists for those of you who like to prepare early:

Here’s a look at week 22 . . .


  • M30/3-M34 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • phys. ed. with Ms Fehr (a.m.)
  • Stone Soup at noon?


  • M31/3-M35 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • library exchange a.m.
  • music with Mrs. Beaudry (p.m.)
  • Wok Box lunch for those who pre-ordered


  • M32/3-M36 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • arts ed. with Ms Price (p.m.)


  • M33/3-M37 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • spelling tests and assignments due
  • keyboarding (VM)
  • skipping club noon
  • wheelchair basketball during phys. ed. with Mr. MacIntosh (p.m.)
  • care partners p.m.


  • Valentine’s Day – cards will be handed out first thing in the morning (optional)
  • x9 whiz quiz/3-M38 math fact practice in class (please practice in your own way the night before)
  • phys. ed. with Mr. MacIntosh (a.m.)
  • last day of school before the February break – see everyone back on Monday, February 24!  😀

What are you looking forward to this week at school?

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February 10 Week at a Peek
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