Dear students and families,

Students have had a terrific week back!

  • Most shadow puppets were made this week.
  • Students have learned the last “loop group” letter in handwriting (e)
  • We have worked on the “doubling and halving multiplication strategy” in our number talks this week.  This strategy is an excellent lead into our next operation – division.
  • We observed Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday and focused on cyber-safety lessons in health class this week.
  • We will review multiplication math facts this week and finish up with a comprehensive whiz quiz for grade 3s and grade 4s on Friday.  We will move to a division math fact focus next.

Can you explain the “doubling and halving” multiplication strategy to your family?  See this video for more information about using the “doubling and halving” strategy to make some difficult multiplication questions easier to solve:

I’m The Boss of Me

On Friday, our class will enjoy the “I’m the Boss of Me” puppet show.  Our school division supports this presentation and supporting lessons.  The show addresses the topic of relationships (healthy, unhealthy) in our health curriculum.  Parents, please check your email for a note with more details.

Spelling this Week

This week’s assignments are due Thursday with tests on Thursday also.  Students will have class time on Wednesday to complete their assignments.  

Here’s a look at week 24 . . .


  • M38/3-M43 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • phys. ed. with Ms Fehr (a.m.)
  • Stone Soup at noon


  • M39/3-M44 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • library exchange a.m.
  • music with Mrs. Beaudry (p.m.)


  • M40/3-M45 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • arts ed. with Mrs. Sansom (p.m.)


  • M41/3-M46 math fact quiz (please practice the night before)
  • perogy/sausage hot lunch for those who pre-ordered
  • spelling tests and assignments due
  • keyboarding (VM?) – we have not had success with the keyboard program loading the last few times 😥 ; last week grade 3 did Math Under the Sea and grade 4 did Math Raft Challenge – we will hope for the best and see what happens this week!
  • skipping club noon
  • phys. ed. with Mr. MacIntosh (p.m.)


  • x0 to x10 comprehensive whiz quiz/x0 to x5 comprehensive whiz quiz (please practice in your own way the night before)
  • phys. ed. with Mr. MacIntosh (a.m.)
  • “I’m the Boss of Me” puppet show p.m.

What are you looking forward to this week at school?

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March 2 Week at a Peek

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