Dear students and families,

I hope this post finds you well and I hope everyone was able to enjoy the break from school work.  Please enjoy the pictures of some classmates engaged in learning activities April 3-6.

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Earth Day

Tuesday, April 22 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!  Parents have been emailed an Earth Day work package full of writing, math and fun pages.  Students could spend the entire week on Earth Day activities alone!  Check out the DOGO widget on the left side of the home page for an excellent Earth Day article.  Enjoy this short video about Earth Day:


This Week’s Invitation to Learn

Welcome to Week 30!

Our class learning plan is part of the Google Slideshow below.  I hope Google Slides will help:

  • students become more independent with the work
  • families take part while being at different stages of “learning from home”
  • give choices to all.

Organization of slides:

  • subjects are colour coded:  Health, Reading, Writing, Math, Contact
  • presentation can be paused and navigated manually, links are built in to help navigate from menu to information and back to menus
  • DO and CHOOSE/CHOICE are important words – DO what you can, CHOOSE what works.
  • All handouts in the show have been emailed to parents except for spelling lists.  Spelling lists will be posted on the blog.
  • There is much information here.  I plan to build on this show in future weeks.  As we “make friends” with this structure, it will get easier!

Ms B.’s Focus this Week:

  • help students work with Google Slides
  • send out Xtramath link and PIN to all students, help students start Xtramath this week,
  • hope to talk with students/families that I didn’t talk with week of April 3-6
  • Zoom class meeting!
  • respond to new things! 😀

Spelling this Week

I’m looking forward to a very interesting week!  How about you?

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April 20-24 Learning Plan
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