Dear students and families,

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy our beautiful spring weather.  You can be proud all the great things happening at home.  For those of you able to have virtual meetings with me, it continues to be a pleasure!  Enjoy some photos of students sharing their learning this week!

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I decided to postpone the “bring your pet” class zoom meeting until May 11 because of our school “May the 4th” Star Wars spirit day on Monday!

  • We will have a Star Wars themed class meeting on Monday.
  • Bring your Star Wars accessories to share, if you have some.
  • Try for a Star Wars virtual background!
  • Share your thoughts on the Star Wars stories.

The very first Star Wars movie came to the theatre in my small town when I was in grade 6.  My little brothers and I went to the movie on Friday night.  We drank orange pop using Twizzlers for straws.  We thought it was the best movie ever!  The special effects were amazing!  More importantly, the story is timeless.

My favourite Star Wars character is Yoda and my favourite quote is Yoda saying “Do or do not – there is no try.”  What does “There is no try” mean?  Watch the clip here.

Welcome to Week 32!

New Work This Week:

  • many short videos – be sure to watch them!
  • Writing:  spelling videos (homophones, apostrophes, contractions)
  • Writing:  paragraph writing (see video)
  • Writing:  paragraph editing (see video)
  • Math:  2 new telling time fun sheets
  • Math:  2 new Acing Math card games
  • Reading:  Ms B. hopes to roll out Raz Kids reading over the next few weeks


Remember – all printables are optional!  They are here so you can look at them more closely and for those of you who like to print the paper copies.

Spelling this Week

Click for:  Weekly Student Planner

See attachments in parent email for other printables.

What activities did you enjoy the most over the past few weeks?

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May 4 – 8 Learning Plan
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