Dear students and families,

Thank you again for all your hard work this week.  I loved all the Star Wars books, lego light sabres and other creative accessories that were shared at this past week’s class meeting.  It was so exciting to work with students on paragraph writing this week!  I look forward to more writing together with you in the weeks to come!  🙂

Class Meetings

  • I can’t wait to meet some class pets at this week’s class meeting (May 11)!
  • No class meeting on May 18 due to the holiday.
  • May 25 class meeting will be a “show your wheels” theme.
Can’t wait for “show your wheels” class meeting May 25! Great to see helmets being worn when on wheels!












Welcome to Week 33!


  • Class meeting on May 11
  • This week, Ms B. will be working in the school Monday and Wednesday afternoons
  • Personal meetings are cancelled Monday and Wednesday afternoons this week.  Please use the drop in times if you need help and your personal time was cancelled this week.
  • I have cancelled the 5:30 Wednesday and Thursday drop-in Zooms for the rest of the year – no one has made use of these times and they are after hours.

New Work This Week:

I added just a little work this week because the time I am at school will have me helping less.  This is a chance for students to catch up or explore learning they are passionate about.

  • Be sure to watch all the videos!
  • Writing:  spelling video (rhyming words)
  • Writing:  journal pet prompts
  • Math:  2 new Acing Math card games
  • Reading:  Ms B. hopes to roll out Raz Kids reading over the next few weeks


Remember – all printables are optional!  They are here so you can look at them more closely and for those of you who like to print the paper copies.

Spelling this Week

Click for:

See attachments in parent email for other printables.

What activities did you enjoy the most over the past few weeks?

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May 11 – 15 Learning Plan

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