Dear students and families,

I hope everyone was able to enjoy our final long weekend of the school year!  Thank you for everything you do! 🙂

A student in our class did some scientific exploring last week and wanted to share this video with his classmates!

Welcome to Week 34!


  • I look forward to working through writing process and/or reading with students this week in our 1 to 1 student meetings!
  • This week, Ms B. will be working in the school Wednesday afternoon.
  • Personal meetings are cancelled Wednesday afternoon this week.  Please use the drop in times if you need help and your personal time is cancelled this week.
  • I can’t wait for “Show Your Wheels” class meeting on May 25! 😀

New Work This Week:

  • Be sure to watch all the videos!
  • Reading:  watch email for Raz Kids sign up (will send invitations gradually)
  • Reading:  watch two videos about Wanuskewin bison and find connections when reading “Welcome Home” article in parent email
  • Writing:  spelling video (secrets to vowel digraphs)
  • Writing:  “Welcome Home” questions and prefix challenge
  • Math:  2 new Acing Math card games


Remember – all printables are optional!  They are here so you can look at them more closely and for those of you who like to print the paper copies.

Spelling this Week

Click for:

See attachments in parent email for other printables.

What are your “wonders” and what have you learned about the return of the bison to Wanuskewin?

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May 19 – 22 Learning Plan

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