time to celebrate our year!

Students and families can be very proud of the hard work, enthusiasm and positive energy that was put into school work over the course of this most unusual school year!  This is our last learning plan.

This past week I enjoyed working with students on geometry and measurement (area, perimeter).

During this week’s 1:1 Zoom meetings, I look forward to talking with students about math (symmetry and 3-dimensional shapes) and checking in with this week’s memory book project.

As students work on memory books this week, I invite them to:

Checking back will help choose memories from the school year to include in your personal memory book.

Welcome to Weeks 38 and 39!


book review graphic organizer attached to June 8 parent email
  • June 15 class meeting:  Students can bring a favourite book and/or completed book review template to our class meeting.  Be ready to talk about a favourite book (digital or paper copy).  See June 8 parent email for copy of the book review template.
  • No meetings on Tuesday, June 16:  Ms Boychuk is away from school on a personal day.
  • June 22 class meeting:  Students can share their favourite memories from this school year, bring memory books they worked on during the week of June 15 and say farewell to classmates.  Check this week’s parent email for memory book printables.
  • Week of June 22:  Use the daily drop-in (Monday to Wednesday) if you need to see me for help.  I can be contacted by email throughout the week.  On June 25, I will email June report cards to parents of students who participated in supplemental learning with me.  The last day of school for staff is June 26.

New Work This Week:

  • Writing:  make a memory book for this school year (printable in this week’s parent email)
  • Math:  geometry:  symmetry and 3D shapes (watch video in slideshow, daily math handout in parent email)


Remember – all printables are optional!  They are here so you can look at them more closely and for those of you who like to print the paper copies.

Spelling this Week

Click for:

See attachments in parent email for other printables.

What are your favourite memories from this school year?

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June 15 – 22 Learning Plan

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