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Ms B.’s Graduate Bloggers

This page has links to the blogs of former students of Ms Boychuk who blogged during the 2015-16  and 2016-17 school years.

  • Collectively, they have written almost 500 posts and received almost 275 comments!
  • Some are still actively blogging—writing posts and answering comments.
  • Others have retired but wish to keep their blogs as an archive.
  • There is much great reading here!

I don’t actively monitor the blogs of students who are no longer in my class – if their blogs appear here, their parents have taken over administrative responsibility for their blogs.

If you see anything on these blogs that might need my attention, please leave a comment.

Ms B.’s Grade 4 Bloggers (2016-17)

Elizabeth, Ella, Graydon, Mason, Sarah

Ms B.’s Grade 4 Bloggers (2015-16)

AbdelazizArash, Aryaman, Barbod, Dhivya, Ethan, Farbod, IvyMaggie, Matthew, Michael, NiniOlivia, William


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