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Cool Tools to Embed on Blogs


DoppelMe – free avatar maker

Book/Comic/Cartoon Creators

Storybird – create collaborative stories

ToonDoo – comic strip and comic book creation tool

Brainstorming & Organization

Padlet – online notice board creator

Popplet – collaborative brainstorming and presentation tool that can be used to create graphic organizers, timelines, and many other visual organization forms (Popplet Lite available for iPads)

Tiki-Toki – web-based timeline software


Watch this video to learn about Creative Commons:

Wanna Work Together? from Creative Commons on Vimeo.

Watch this video to learn more about the different Creative Commons licenses:

Attribution – how to attribute copyrighted works – copyright information and licenses to help you share your work the way you want it shared


Photos for Class – search to download properly attributed, Creative Commons photos for school!

School Clip Art – The clip art images you find at are provided FREE for educational use. Teachers can use them for worksheets, Lesson Plans, Quizzes, Web sites, and other classroom needs. Students can use them for their homework assignments and Web site.

Music and Sounds

AudioPal – add audio to your website or blog

imcompetech – royalty free music

Partners in Rhyme – royalty free music and sound effects

Widget/Poster Tools

Glogster EDU – create a glog

Wordle – generate word clouds from text you provide


You can put any video from YouTube, Vimeo or WatchKnowLearn on your blog if it has the embed option and you do not change it:





3rd Grade Games  (letters, numbers, holiday, strategy, skill)

4th Grade Games  (letters, numbers, holiday, strategy, skill)



Connect 4

Play Kids’ Games – fun and educational games for kids!

Reaction Time – Test your reaction time.

Reversi – a.k.a. “Othello”

Sheppard Software – “hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles and more!”



Barbara Reid – Barbara Reid is a picture book illustrator and author whose award winning artwork is created with plasticine.


Cooking with Kids – cooking tips for kids from “The Peppered Leopard” and more

My Food Guide – Canada’s Food Guide


Kids Web Japan – website that introduces Japan to schoolchildren aged between 10 and 14 who live in other countries; sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mrsof Japan (MOFA)

Saskatoon Public Library

Spelling City – Spelling test, teach me, play a game, flashcards, vocabulary test

Unite for Literacy – read books and listen in English or another language


Between the Lions – early reading videos; segments selected from Between the Lions, the series that helps kids “Get Wild About Reading!” This special collection provides a set of early reading/language arts resources, organized by early elementary and preschool literacy skills.

                Wack-a-Mole – Try to smack the moles in alphabetical order.

Internet Safety

CyberSense and Nonsense: The Second Adventure of The Three CyberPigs – The 3 CyberPigs learn some important lessons about authenticating online information and observing rules of netiquette. They also learn how to distinguish between fact and opinion and how to recognize bias and harmful stereotyping in online content.

Privacy Pirates: An Interactive Unit on Online Privacy (Ages 7-9) – Game introduces kids, ages 7-9, to the concept of online privacy and teaches them to distinguish between information that is appropriate to give out and information better kept private.

Privacy Playground: The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs – The CyberPigs play on their favourite website and encounter marketing ploys, spam and a close encounter with a not-too-friendly wolf – teaches kids how to spot online marketing strategies, protect their personal information and avoid online predators.


     Alphabet Crunch

The Alpha Critters are hungry for your food! Quickly type the letters before the Alpha Critters land and start munching! Start off with the home row or select the typing level that work for you!


     Big Brown Bear – learn to type program

     Keyboard Challenge

Imagine that your keyboard fell apart and you have to put it back together!  Choose from 6 fun keyboard patterns and then click and drag the keys to their correct places on the keyboard.  Once you correctly arrange all of the letters, numbers and other keys, save and print your own picture of a super-fun keyboard!

     Keyboard Climber

Keyboarding practice – practice touch typing skills with these lessons

     Typing Club – learn touch typing for free!

Typing Games


Add Em Up – Strategy game with a difference!

Arrange Game – Order all the numbers in the shortest time possible with the minimum number of moves…

Broken Calculator – Eric has smashed his calculator, but some of it still works, so can you help him get the answers?

Cyberchase – critical thinking math games

Flippa Memory Game – you have to match 3 symbols, not just a pair

Hangman – Play Hangman with Math Words, oh and a few other words, too … so watch out!

Harrison’s Comparisons – start at level K to compare numbers up to 100

Magic Square Game – Put the pieces together so that the rows and columns add to 30.

Math 3 Under the Sea – Type in your first name and your the name of your favourite fish. You can then choose some grade 3 math activities to do.

Math 4 Raft Race Challenge –  In this game, students collect items needed to build a raft and enter a river race. To collect the items, they solve a variety of math problems in four locations.

MATH FOCUS K-9 – find your grade, chapter and lesson and choose an activity!

Math Live 5

Math Match

Math Play – free online math games!

No calculator or how to multiply quickly – another way to multiply for visual learners on youtube!

Reaction Math – addition, subtraction and multiplication challenges against the clock!

Rocket timer – variety of countdown timers we use in class to time our math facts

Shark Numbers – count the base 10 blocks and click on the correct number; if you’re right, you’ll see a dolphin – if you’re wrong, your boat will be bitten

Sheppard Software Math Games

Simon Says Game – How long a sequence can you remember?

Simple graphical multiplication trick – multipliying big numbers in a different way on youtube!

Spy Guys

Tangrams – These are a collection of Tangram Puzzles for your enjoyment. Position and Rotate the pieces until you have completed the shape. Some are very challenging!

The Math Playground – math skills, logic

Where does the extra man come from? – more cool math tricks on youtube!

Wired Math – math games, challenges, lessons and enrichment for middle years students

Xtramath – a free web program for students, teachers and parents that helps kids master basic math facts


In motion

Push to Play – games and activities for kids to play outside


Wonders of the World (Structures and Rocks)

WORLD AHOY Animation Series Ep.01 “The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”

The New 7 Wonders of the World

7 New Wonders of the World. Unseen Pictures.

7 New Wonders of the World – 360 degrees

7 Wonders of the World:  Info Please

National Geographic – Wonders of the World pictures

Ozoblockly for gameboard


Narcisse Snake Dens

Saskatoon’s Northeast Swale

Snakes Alive! –  learn about the habitat of Manitoba’s red-sided garter snakes

The Heartland – Wild Canada – Learn about the historic and modern day Saskatchewan ecozones (prairies and boreal forest) and the plants and animals that lived there in the past and occupy the space today in David Suzuki’s “Wild Canada” series.  See the pronghorn antelope (the fastest hooved land animal on earth) in the grasslands, the elusive wolverine in the icy remote northern forests and the beaver sharing their cozy lodges with muskrats.


Canadian Space Agency, AuroraMAX project

Folklore Causes of Colour – Folklore of the Aurora

Galileo’s First Telescope

Liquid Filled Lenses – “Atomic physicist Joshua Silver invented liquid-filled optical lenses to produce low-cost, adjustable glasses, giving sight to millions without access to an optometrist.”

Northern Lights Centre – facts and traditional tales about Aurora

Optics for Kids – fun and interesting things about optics!

Space Weather – photos of auroras and other cool information!



Sheppard Softward World Maps – Learn places in the world with these interactive maps!

Interactions and Interdependence

FarmFood 360 – immerse yourself in Canadian farm and food tours!


Boolify – visual search engine for kids

Easy Bib – automatic bibliography and citation maker

     School Libguide

Resources and Wealth

Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan – detailed information on the history of Saskatchewan agriculture, mining, science and innovation

Foundations of Saskatchewan Agriculture – This online resource contains information on the various commodities produced in Saskatchewan.


Digital Citizenship videos – Common Sense Education

Khan Academy – over 2700 videos and 240 practice exercises – “learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace”


“It’s a Girls World” – NFB videos that examine social world of 10 – 14 year old girls

Mentoring Boys – to become caring, courageous and ethical men

Saskatchewan Curriculum

Online Safety

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