Dear parents and caregivers,
I am often asked the question by parents, “How can I help at home?” 
If you are looking for ways to reinforce and extend your child’s school progress at home when there is no assigned “homework,” please read on.  Keep checking this page for more ideas.  I will add PDF files and links when ideas come my way and as I have time to post them. 
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8 ways to promote reading at home

Reading Strategies ways in which you can help your child to read

These are lists of wonderful books to read together with your child . . .

  • The Caldecott Medal is awarded to the illustrator of the most distinguished picture book published during the previous year.  The honoured book must be an original creation and the medal recipient a citizen or resident of the United States.  Click here for a list of the most distinguished American picture books for children from 1938 – present:  Caldecott Medal Winners (1938 – present)
  • The Newbery Medal is awarded annually to the most distinguished contribution to children’s literature published in the United States.  It was named for English publisher, John Newbery, the first person to print and sell books for children.  Click here for a list of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children from 1922 – present:  Newbery Medal Winners (1922 – present)
  • The Willow Awards promote reading by granting a Willow Award to Canadian books voted by students to be the best in three categories:  Shining Willow (K-3), Diamond Willow (4-6) and Snow Willow (7-9).  Click here for a list of Willow Award nominated books and winners from 2002 – present.


Spelling Routine

Click on Spelling City for computer aided spelling games and study aids!

Students need to know these words:

The 100 Most Frequently Used Words in the English Language

Dolch words (also known as sight words) should be mastered by the end of grade three.


One of the most important readiness skills for learning of complex mathematical processes is instant recall of basic math facts.  At the start of grade four, students need to know basic addition and subtraction facts (sums up to 20).  In grade four and five, multiplication and division facts need to become automatic with mastery by the end of grade five.

Students need to practice math facts every day.  Our class is also working on Xtramath.  Please practice math facts everyday!

Learning activities at home that reinforce/extend school skills

Examples of home learning activities that can complement and extend skills taught in the classroom

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