How to Write Great Posts!

Use this Popplet as a checklist for writing a great blog post:

Remember to . . .

  1. Include a catchy title for your post.
  2. Create a graphic organizer for your ideas before you begin to write and use it as a map as you write your post.
  3. Write short paragraphs to keep your message clear and keep your audience interested (people read online media more quickly than print media).
  4. Proofread your writing for proper conventions, word choice, voice, organization and ideas.
  5. “Ask 2 before you send to me.” – ask a classmate or a parent to proofread your work before you submit.
  6. Strategically use the visual editor toolbar and include formatting like links, headings and coloured text to help make your post easy to understand and interesting.
  7. Use images and media with permission and attribution.
  8. Follow the rules of our school division’s acceptable internet use policy:  SPS_Plain_Language_Acceptable_Use_Policy

Watch this video to learn about copyright:


Thank you to all the fantastic blogs that gave me ideas about post writing guidelines!

Check them out here:

Now it’s your chance to continue the conversation . . .

  • Can you think of other tips that can help someone write a great blog post?
  • What are the most important post writing tips to you and why?
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